Activities of Tabeen Company

Meetings to identify successful projects for participation in the Bridge Program to enhance Iraqi economy in October 2023
Qeskhon Festival​
Meeting with artists in October 2022
Photography course in February 2022
Arbaeen Festival first session in 2022
Arbaeen Festival second session in 2023
The play “1/3” presented at the National Theater on January 3, 2023
A special showing of the play “1/3” for school students on January 4, 2023
Artists' meeting to prepare for a play on January 3, 2023
"The Good Tree 1 " at Tahrir Square in January 2023
"The Good Tree 2 " at Tahrir Square in January 2024
Clarification Company's office
Behind-the-scenes of the " tabkha " TV show in Ramadan
takween section decoration works
Meeting with a group of artists in 2022


We are based in Baghdad but you can find our team anywhere your passion takes you

Rawaat Al-Tibeen for Integrated Artistic and Media Production, Limited Liability, Private Company M.S.A.-2-18385 dated 1/11/2022

B4,6th floor, Inside Diamond Mall, Karada, Baghdad, Iraq.